Our story


When mi&u were created we knew we wanted to do something unique.

Our idea is to create our collection based on our story characters. A fairy tale  about friendship and community where the prince, tighter with the princess, has the main roles and together they meet new friends during their adventures!

The location of our fairy tale is the big beautiful capital, here it is always full speed and many new places to discover.

In one of the tall houses lives a prince named Edvin and in another house just around the corner lives a princess named Sigrid. The Prince and Princess are best friends.

Among the tall houses, narrow alleys and cobbled streets, the princess and her best friend play the prince. The princess and the prince discover many new exciting hiding places and find new friends who together do everything to create many fun creations.

Every day is a new adventure for the curious princess and the little shy prince.

One day they find a secret walk under the city that they are immediately curious to explore.

Join us on our fairytale ..

A fairy tale about friendship, adventure and about helping a friend realize their dreams! -
May we introduce the prince, the prince named Edvin.

Prince Edvin lives in one of the tall houses in the large beautiful capital. The prince is the princess's best friend. He is a little shy and sometimes a little scared. The best prince knows is to sit and listen to the cat Fina who talks about so many exciting adventures that have happened in the big city that the prince and princess live in.

The cat Fina is a wise cat, has a look at everything that happens in the city. Unlike the princess, the prince is not always as fond of participating in all the adventures they find. But along with the princess, the prince feels brave and they meet several new friends who sometimes need their help.
May we introduce the princess, Princess is called Sigrid.

The princess is the prince's best friend and the two friends stick together in wet and dry. The princess is bubbling with eagerness to discover new adventures and to make exciting experiences and together with the prince they have found a secret walk under the city. For the cat Fina, who lives at the top of one of the towers of the highest house and has a look at everything that happens, she has told me that there is a treasure hidden in a secret room under the city.

The princess is very curious and fearless of herself and does not always think for all times, luckily she has the prince with her who sometimes can save her from the dangerous. Together, they meet new friends who sometimes need their help to become brave. One of the friends is the Dragon.