Clothing with quality - charming design

We design sustainable clothes with high quality. Organic children's clothing carefully selected. The best choice for your child and for the environment in 100% organically grown cotton, non-toxic printing and nickel-free metals. We use environmentally certified manufacturing as far as possible for us. We are inspired by our own fairy tales and our story that is about friendship and community - where all children are important and you are good as you are!

Inheritance, donor to charity

mi & u clothing should be inheritable. We carefully select the material for the shape and function and appearance to be inherited by other little princes and princesses. We do not hesitate on quality for a lower price and we choose to keep our production in Sweden and Europe. Our goal is to hand over a better world to our children!

Seasonal Trends

mi & u do not work with seasonal fashion, we think one step further. We invest in functional children's clothing that can be used season after season. mi & u create new collections as needed rather than every new season. For us it is important that our clothes are soft, comfortable to play in and are popular garments. With a stylish and stylish design that lasts a long time!

Material selection:

In addition to the clothes being comfortable, comfortable and soft, they should of course not be harmful, either to the child or to the environment. Our fabrics on mi & u design are OEKO-TEX marked, which means that the fabrics are organic and are up to 3 times stronger than regular cotton fi shes. Production will have reduced the environmental impact throughout its life cycle from the start of cultivation to final production. Our graphical prints are printed with non-toxic paint and all metals we use are nickel-free. We use recycled paper in our hangtags, paper products and organic cotton in our laundry advisories. The pacifier is BPA-free, shield, knob made by CoPET and the pacifier meets the European standard EN-1400.

Our price level

We want everyone to be abel to afford mi&u clothes, we believe in quality and the value of offering eco-clothes for everyone. Organic children's clothing, however costs a little more to manufacture but at the same time you get nice clothes with good quality and locally produced with production in Sweden and Europe.


We choose to invest in local production in Sweden and Europe under fair working conditions. In addition to these aspects, it is important for us to know that our products are produced in factories where employees have a fair working environment and receive salaries for three work without being exposed to harmful chemicals.

The short product transports have a minor impact on the environment. Choosing local production makes us feel easier for us as a small company because we can control what actually happens during production.

This is our way of pulling our straw and delivering a better world to the world's children!