Quality clothing - Charming design
We design durable, high quality clothes. Organic children's clothing carefully selected. The best choice for your child and the environment in 100% organic cultured cotton, non-toxic press and nickel free metals. We use environmentally certified manufacturing as far as possible for us. We are inspired by our own fairy tales and our story about friendship and community - where all children are important and just you are good as you are!

Revenge, donate to charity
My clothes should be inherited. We carefully choose the material for the shape and function and appearance to be inherited by other little princes and princesses. We do not compromise on quality for a lower price and we choose to keep our production in Sweden and Europe. Our goal is to surrender a better world to our children!

seasonal Trends
mi & u do not work with season fashion, we think one step further. We focus on functional children's clothing that can be used seasonally by season. My & u create new collections as needed rather than at each new season. For us it is important that our clothes are soft, comfortable to play in and are popular garments. With a stylish and stylish design that lasts a long time!