About us

My design was created by Ingela, a passionate clothing designer with a love for textiles and Marica with his creative mind and passion for graphic design together, we have a strong sense of color and create glow!

The dream of doing something like starting a own children's badge was created when Ingela, who works as a designer, proposed a brilliant idea


Said and done! We took our dream one step further! - We started my design

We are a Swedish design company with our base in Stockholm.

Here we find inspiration for the story of the prince and princess in our daily life. mi & u design Started in 2013, when we lacked a range of stylish and playful organic quality children's clothes.

So it all came true that we created ECOLOGICAL CHILDREN'S CLOTHES, the best choice for your child & the environment, with 100% organic farmed cotton and manufactured products to reduce environmental impact in transport.

When you were created, we knew we wanted to do something unique ....

Our idea of mi & u design is to create our collection based on our story. A fairy tale about friendship and fellowship where the prince with the princess has the main roles and together meeting the new friends during their adventures!

We hope you love our products as much as we love to create them!