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Hey buddy! - Take care of yourself

Do as a prince and princess use reflex - remind the whole family, relatives and friends to use reflex when the autumn darkness and winter fall on!

When it is dark outside, it is important to use reflectors. Then you see well in the traffic and those who drive a car see you and your children better. The reflector has a practical ball chain. The chain easily attaches to the zipper of the child's jacket, to your jacket or to the handbag as a nice detail and to protect yourself a little extra. Hang it in front of the stroller so that you can be seen on the promenade, hang the dog on the walk, and the reflex fits nicely into the leash too.

Be sure to check the function of the reflex before each dark period so that you are safe and secure before all walks

The reflectors should hang freely and be visible from the front as well as from behind. A damaged and dirty reflex should be replaced.

Reflex is a visual warning device for personal protective equipment and meets the requirements of standard EN 13356: 2001.

Warning! Nitrogen rice contains small parts, Not for children under 0-3 years.

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